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About us

L.A. Maritime Services Inc. was established in 2003 by Mr. Dieter Liebich, a German Master Mariner and Mechanical Engineer.

Based on his professional background and previous assignments at New Sulzer Diesel and Goltens, he started the business with services on 2- and 4-stroke marine diesel engines in the port of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

2 years after its foundation, the company gained yet another engineering expertise, when German Marine Engineer Mr. Robert Schuchardt joined the company, acting as its vice president ever since.

Realizing customer requirements, the company extended its services soon in way of general ship repairs, trading activities and load tests.

In order to meet a growing demand of classification societies and IMO, L.A. Maritime Services Inc. also became a well known specialist for repairs and inspections of lifeboats and davits, cooperating closely with its leading manufacturers.

Knowing the importance of being presence where the service is required, further service stations were established with technicians stationed in Vancouver, Miami and New York.

As a result of the company’s solid expansion, a new state of the art 6.500 square foot workshop situated at the Port of Los Angeles / Long Beach was opened in January 2009.

The service company G.C. Maritime Services LLC was established in May 2010 to provide the same full range of maritime services in Houston and the Gulf Coast (G.C. stands for Gulf Coast). Dutch Marine Engineer Mr. Hans Haneveld took over the position as general manager, standing by with his service team to meet customer needs anytime.

In 2017, both L.A. Maritime and GC Maritime Services were renamed to Breakwater International.