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Oil Mist Detector Services

Oil Mist Detector Services

We are an approved service supplier for  Oil Mist Detectors by SCHALLER AUTOMATION

For more than 50 years now SCHALLER AUTOMATION has contributed worldwide to achieve a safe operation of large Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel engines, brought innovative products to the market and built a trustworthy partnership with clients.

These qualities have made SCHALLER AUTOMATION to become the market leader in the sector of the protection of large Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel engines against crankcase explosions by detection of Oil Mist.

Following SOLAS rules, engines of size 2250 kW and above and/or min. 300mm cylinder bore are obliged to be equipped with safety measures to avoid a crankcase explosion caused by igniting oil mist e.g. produced by failing bearings.

Our team of high-qualified service technicians is available 24/7 to serve your SCHALLER Oil Mist Detectors.