Representing Ballast Water Treatment Systems Manufacturers

Ballast Water Treatment System

Breakwater International represent world leading manufacturers of Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS), such as BSKY, NK and Wecosco. We can support you with sales, service and installation of their products.

The design of their equipment features different components, such as a combination of Ultraviolet and Ultrasonic, Ultrasonic only or an Ozone generator. The different features let you make the right choice for your needs.


Consists out of four components

  • Hydrocyclone (Filter)
  • Ultrasonic Unit
  • UV Module
  • Control Panel

This system can be installed on a skid or the single components can be installed in different areas of the engine room, including void spaces. Flow rates from 100 m3/hr to 1500 m3/hr. Already more than 250 units were installed worldwide, including 80 retrofits. The system passed USCG land-based test and will receive USCG approval soon.

NK-O3 BlueBallast

A Ozone generator takes ambient air and strips away the nitrogen, concentrating the oxygen content-which is then passed through a high voltage or high frequency electrical field to produce ozone. The ozone is then injected into the incoming ballast water to oxidize and neutralize any harmful aquatic species. A percentage of the aquatic species, especially any bacteria and viruses in the ballast water, are killed by direct contact with the ozone.The remainder are killed or neutralized when the ozone reacts with other chemicals that occur naturally in seawater, to form hypobromous acid, a highly effective disinfectant in its own.

Flow rates of 150 m3/hr to 4000 m3/hr. The system can be delivered in a boxed module, and therefore minimizing time and cost for installation.


Wecosco is a sister company of Cosco Shipping.

COSCO Blue Ocean Shield (BOS) Technology:
Mechanical Filter + Medium Pressure UV Disinfection (Physical Technology)


  • Filter Unit: Negative Pressure Suction Self-Cleaning Filter, removes the organisms and particles greater than 50μm.
  • UV Unit: Medium Pressure Disinfection Technology-effectively inactivates the aquatic nuisance species (ANS) and pathogens.
  • Control Unit: One-touch operation; Automatic operation, control and monitor.

Operation Principle:

When ballasting, BOS filter removes the sediments and micro-organisms greater than 50μm. After that ballast water enters the UV reactor, appropriate dose of UV ray is generated in order to inactivate the organisms, such as algae and bacteria in the water. With the completion of above treatment, the ballast water comes to ballast tank.

When de-ballasting, the filter is automatically bypassed, and the ballast water goes directly through the UV Unit, and receives a second UV-treatment, ensuring discharged water in compliance with the convention’s requirements and USCG’s requirements.

More than 320 systems installed already worldwide. Flow rates from 100m3/hr to 4000 m3/hr