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Fire & Safety Services

  • fire-protection

    We conduct a wide range of fire prevention and personal safety services for the maritime industry.

One of the key services we conduct is the required inspections and servicing of marine firefighting equipment and products to ensure flawless operation and optimal performance during any given conditions.

We currently offer a full range of marine fire safety inspections and supplies at our LA and Houston Branches. Our experienced technicians can perform inspection and maintenance on any of your below safety items.

  • Fire Detection & Extinguishing Systems including CO2, Hi-Fog, Dry Chemical, Foam and Smoke
  • Fire Extinguishers including Portable, Non- Portable, & Foam Applicators
  • Breathing Air Devices including Breathing Apparatus’s, Breathing Air Cylinders, Fit Testing, Emergency Escape Devices and Medical Oxygen
  • Hydro Testing of Fire Extinguishers, Compressed Gas Cylinders & Breathing Air Cylinders
  • Inflatable Devices including Immersion Suits & Life Jackets
  • Lab Services for Analysis of firefighting Foam and Quality Breathing Air
  • Gas Detection including Fixed Gaseous Systems, Portable Gas Detectors, UTI Meters and Temperature Gauges.

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